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How to Identify a Scam?

At Marival Resorts, we care deeply about your safety, your wellbeing, and making sure your vacations are perfect from the very beginning. Today, people on the Internet, not legitimate Marival Resort’s agents, offer fake vacation offers. Therefore, we’ve taken severe measures to protect you and your data from scams.

Among our measures is this guide, which will help you know some key ways to identify a scam, since we’re committed to offering you a trustworthy and protected environment so you can fully enjoy your stay with us.

How to identify a scam?

1. When making your reservation, you´re looking at a scam if you see a discounted price or free airfare promoted on platforms outside our websites, travel agencies, or authorized partners. To verify that Marival Resorts endorses this service, you can check on our official channels:

  • Official Website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Expedia
  • Costco Travel
  • PriceTravel
  • Booking
  • Reservations MEX 01 800 326 6600 / +52 (332) 451 2397
  • Reservations USA & CAN 1 888 270 4984 / +1 (833) 566 8187
  • Email Marketing MEX +52 33 2451 2368
  • Email Marketing USA & CAN +1 833 543 2817

  • 2. Don’t trust offers where the price is available to travel any time of year with no restrictions. At Marival, we control our availability and rates, which is why they change seasonally.

    3. If the offer is for immediate purchase only, meaning they don’t give you the opportunity to call back after reviewing your options, it’s probably a scam.

    4. Marival´s Agents will never contact you via WhatsApp or text message (SMS). They will always call through our official toll-free numbers or emails to book your stay.

    5. If the agent or agency sends you a copy of their identifications, accommodation contracts, or confirmation forms in an attempt to imitate our documents, it’s probably a scam. An authorized and established agency will offer you confirmation directly from Marival Resorts

    6. Before making any payment, request the confirmation number and the methods to verify the payment directly with our agents. Other way to verify the identity of the person offering you the package is to request proof of registration in the National Tourism Registry, where all tourism service providers in Mexico must register. You can also verify if it’s an authorized agency by calling our direct numbers:

  • Toll-free MEX 01 800 326 6600
  • Toll-free USA and CAN 1 888 270 4984

  • 7. Always ask your seller for a copy of your reservation details:

  • Proof of reservation that contains the stamp and letterhead of the travel agency with all your identification information
  • Reservation number
  • Hotel name
  • Hotel address
  • Room category
  • Receipt that covers the payment made
  • And how you can contact Marival Resorts directly

  • 8. Avoid filling out forms on social media (Facebook or Instagram). This data can be used for fraud purposes or to contact you pretending to be Marival Resorts agents.

    9. Book your reservation on secure networks, never on open networks or in public places like coffee shops, restaurants, airports, etc.

    10. When possible, install plug-ins on your browser for safe web browsing: Adware, Malware Bytes, etc.

    Please remember these tips when scheduling any service that appears suspicious. If you have any uncertainties about our contact numbers or websites, please use the provided contacts in point 5 to contact us.