Marival Emotions Resort and Suites

Family • Activities • Fun • Warmth • Comfort • Friends

Our very first family resort was Marival® Emotions. With spaces designed for families, endless activities and fun throughout the day as well as nightly entertainment for both children and adults, you will never want to leave.

At Marival® Emotions, experiences pass from generation to generation, creating communities of friends and strengthening family ties.

The outgoing entertainment team offers guests multiple entertainment options, turning moments into unique experiences. Here, fun is the main ingredient, with a wide variety of activities designed primarily for.


Family comfort at the exclusive Marival Emotions resort

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Marival Emotions Rooms

Club Room

The Club Rooms are fully equipped to welcome you and your family in a comfortable and safe space.

Marival Emotions Rooms

Resort Room

With a private balcony and unforgettable views of either the Pacific Ocean, the impeccable pools, or the colorful gardens, the Resort Rooms are waiting for you.

Marival Emotions Rooms

Emotions Select One-bedroom Suite

The One-bedroom Residence is the perfect place for small families or couples in a beach getaway.

Marival Emotions Rooms

Emotions Select Two-bedroom Suite

Get ready for a spacious, comfy, and unforgettable experience that your family will want to revisit time and time again!

Marival Emotions Rooms

Emotions Select One-bedroom Suite Oceanfront

Prepare your little ones to be amazed as they hear the soothing sounds and catch glimpses of the magnificent ocean right from the moment you open your suite door in Nuevo Vallarta!

Marival Emotions Rooms

Emotions Select Two-bedroom Suite Oceanfront

Discover the perfect haven to share with your nearest and dearest! This spacious and secluded suite is a true paradise, inviting you to relax and soak in the most breathtaking bay views.

Marival Emotions

Emotions Select Three-bedroom Suite Oceanfront

Come together in this spacious suite with a breathtaking ocean view! Your family is in for a blast with so much room to relax, unwind, and make cherished memories that will last a lifetime.